Why Do I Need A Blog Site?

If you’re a maker trying sell your handmade products online you’ve probably looked into opening up a blog alongside your handmade shop. Now is this something for you? Is it something that’s valuable? Is blogging dead? Why do I need a Blog site?

Today we’re looking at the pros and cons of blogging for your handmade business. So why is blogging so great? Well the first thing that comes to mind is blogging actually gives you something to talk about. I know that sounds a little bit weird but think about it. When’s the last time you asked yourself: what am I going to share on my Facebook page this week? Or thought to yourself, you know, “what am I going to talk about in my Instagram caption this weekend? Or why would I start an e-mail newsletter – I have no idea what I would be sending out to people, I have nothing to tell them and I’m not just constantly going to tell them come and visit my shop! Come and visit my shop!”

Well, blog fixes those issues for you because it gives you a content plan, meaning that every week you have something new to share to your audience that’s valuable – that’s key! – that’s valuable to them to, really get them to visit your shop again and come back to your website or to your blog.

So blogging is great for that because it actually makes your marketing much easier because you have content to share and something to talk about on social media, or in your email newsletter. Another reason blogging is great is because it gives you an opportunity to talk about your work, talk about your product, talk about the quality of your material, build trust with your followers, your e-mail subscribers or your blog readers. Build engagement with them as well and tell your brand story so that when they’re ready to buy they’re going to remember you and not the competition.

Blogging also helps you rank in search engines and who doesn’t want that? It’s important because every time you put a new article up on your blog, you put keywords into it that Google or Yahoo or Bing or any other search engine is going to pick up, which means that when someone – your ideal customer – is looking for that particular product on Google, Google is much more likely to say: hey you check this blog, they talk about this, are you interested in reading this page? And boom! that’s traffic that you wouldn’t get if you weren’t blogging.

Finally blogging is also a great tool to help you build and grow that e-mail list that I’m always telling you, you should be working on. Blogging is key to that because if you give value to people through your blog articles, by giving them tips or advice or tutorials or whatever it is that you decide to blog about, people are going to want more of that. And how do they do that? They give you their e-mail address to go on to your e-mail list, so that they get your newsletter. So in every single blog post you should be promoting that newsletter so that you’re sure to grab that information and you can keep in touch with them even more easily and bring them back to your store the next time you put a new article on, or next time you’ve got a sale or promotion. I hope this answers the question why do I need a blog site?

So blogging is great for all these reasons. It helps you build an email list, it makes your marketing easier because you actually have something to talk about to the people you want to reach, which in turns helps you share your message across all sorts of platforms and direct traffic to your store. And it also helps you rank in search engines, and it can boost your sales because people connect with you, you’re building trust, you’re taking them behind the scenes and they start to really connect with your brand and your product and eventually buy from you.

So there’s a mountain of reasons why you should be starting a blog but there’s also a few cons and that’s what we’re going to look into now. The first one is it’s very time consuming. The second one is people are saying blogging is dead which we definitely need to talk about. And the third one is “I’m already engaging with my audience on Instagram, on Facebook or on YouTub, why would I bother? I mean you blog on top of that.” These are all very valid points but let’s talk about it a little bit more.

The first one was blogging is time-consuming, and I agree: it’s true. Blogging takes time. It will require a bit of time commitment to put that content every day, week or every couple weeks or even every month. But is it worth it? That’s the question you need to ask yourself. I personally believe it is because of all the reasons I gave you in the first part of this post. I do think blogging is an incredible tool that’s going to actually simplify your marketing strategy and just for that it’s worth the time that it takes to write a blog article, or shoot a video that you’re going to share. So when you see something as being time consuming really ask yourself: is it worth the rewards? In the days of blogging I think it is. And then the other thing that I feel I have to tell you is, that is the difference between what the average shop owner does, and what the shop owner that’s really making it happen does. That extra mile? Blogging is part of it.

The second issue with blogging was that blogging is dead and that’s something that we’ve been hearing a lot last year and so we need to talk about that. Blogging is not dead let me tell you. If you check out any successful business on the Internet they have a blog. It’s because it works and it’s not that blogging is dead – it’s the old way of blogging that’s dead. But blogging has changed and evolved and now it’s not all about writing just long blog articles like we used to back in the days. It’s about really creating different type of content. You could have videos show and call that a blog. You could have a podcast and put it into your blog on your website. You could just put pictures every week and that’s your blog. Blogging just means putting content out there regularly. But it doesn’t mean that you actually have to write a book every time you want to send an article to your followers. So blogging isn’t dead but the old way of blogging is, which means that you need to adapt and it’s also actually great because that means that you have more options. You don’t have to write if you hate writing, you can again have the video show, you can send pictures, drawings, tutorials – whatever it is that you feel more comfortable doing and sharing regularly with your audience, you can do. That’s what blogging is.

And finally why should you blog if you’re already engaging with your audience on Facebook or on Instagram or any other platform? The reason for that is that it’s great that you’re doing that work, but the moment YouTube or Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or whatever platform you’re using, the moment that platform changes its algorithm and you lose your reach or for some reason you’re not ranking the same way, or your post aren’t being shown to as many followers as they used to, that’s the moment you’re going to lose traffic and sales that you can’t control. So the best way to do that is to actually have the blog on your own website, put your content there and then share it across your own platform to bring people back to your store and to your blog.

But you have to start with your own domain, your own URL, so that you’re really growing the audience on that platform that’s yours before you spread it across social media. In my opinion you should start 2018 by opening up a blog if you don’t have one yet. If you are not sure how to do this, I can help, I host and build websites and I am very reasonable in price, to help my followers get started, just drop me a line.

Now, how often should you blog? That’s a question a lot of people ask me and I know you guys have a lot of work already, lots of marketing work to do, a lot of product creation to do and everything is time consuming, some of you still have another job and adding a blog and saying that you’re gonna blog twice a week, is really just not going to happen. So don’t set the bar too high, especially if you’re just starting out. It’s not an issue that you’re not blogging every week at all. You can blog once a month really and that’s enough as long as you commit to a deadline and you really do it.

So don’t go and say to your followers: “Hey, I’m blogging every week” and then they don’t hear from you for months. Just do it consistently so that they expect to get news from you and they know when they’re going to get that news. So that’s my advice. Consistency here is more important than doing it often. I hope this post helped you understand why blogging is so important. I would love to take the conversation down in the comments, so if you disagree, if you think that blogging is not relevant or if you actually want to start a blog after you’ve read this let me know. I would love to interact with you below and I read every single comment and if you like this post subscribe to the site so you are notified of new posts. I’ll also put a link just below to my other website design site.

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