Your Own Website, website design

No matter what business you are in, or what online program you have joined, the best way to market is through a website and website design is important.


There are many offers for free websites, or do it yourself websites, but most do not add up to much, yes you will get a basic design but the chances are you will be on a sub domain and won’t have any SEO built in for your specific niche or in any of the pages you ad to your site, this is quite important to say the least if you want people to be able to see your site.


I now offer a full website design and hosting service, designing a site specifically for you, creating key words and generating SEO to give you more traffic and therefore more interest and possible sales, if your site is retail based or just to find the people who would be most interested in what your site has to offer. After discussing your needs and receiving some of your photos I will build a site for you, just give me a name you would like for the domain, and I will do the rest.


There are various packages depending on how much you want me to do, starting at £100 per year or £10 per month for the initial design and set up, and hosting is only £50 per year, there are then very competitive prices for adding content right up to full monthly management.


For more details and to outline your requirements email me at