Wealth Rising

This is quite a new program but comes highly recommended to me from someone I have known online for a long time, and so far it is working very well. If you are completely new to Bitcoin then please look at the ‘Starting Bitcoin’ page.



You can get started in Wealth Rising for as little as 0.0100 btc with the ‘Minimizer’ starter package or one of the other three packages, the ‘Kickstarter’ starting at 0.0600 btc, the ‘Optimizer’ starting at 0.0700 btc or the ‘Maximizer’ starting at 0.1600 btc.


The packages will give you a return of between 120% and 135% and will complete in between 15 days (Minimizer and Kickstarter) and 30 days (Optimizer and Maximizer). There are no ads to surf, this is purely a passive income generator.