UK E-conomize set to launch in 3 days………..


The new utilities comparison site is launching in 3 days and it is set to go with a bang. Having more to offer than the competition such as phone systems, commercial tariffs for SME’s and coming soon water and mobile phones, I think we will see many more people choosing to switch providers.


This Leeds based company seem to have their act together as far as the customer is concerned but there is also a business opportunity attached.


You can join as a free affiliate and get paid on your own utilities and also on anyone you recommend down two levels, then if you want you can upgrade for £200 and get paid on 7 levels, plus at the moment they are giving you free shares when you upgrade, but this is limited to 1000 people and has half gone already.


As for myself, I am in this for the long haul, to such an extent that I have more or less put everything else on hold, apart from surfing my ads in FAP and TAT.


A full time income can be made from this with just 3 customers and you are one of them, so you only need to find 2 more and I am sure your family or friends would like to save money, did you know that currently only 20% of households ever do a comparison and switch providers, so that is a huge market to go at, and with the new products coming on and water getting deregulated in the coming months, this is an easy business to get in now.


Click the link below to find out more, once on the site scroll down for the information, no need to put in your e-mail as all the info is there, with another link should you choose to join.



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