Time To Get Active

Easter is over so lets get active. You know I have said this before and I will say it again ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’ and it is so true.


horse to water


Something happened this morning that prompted me to write this blog, that just proves the saying is right.


I was watching a conversation in a Skype group that I am in, related to a business opp, and the conversation was about a part of the business where you make commissions on every second level, so in this part of the business, a Matrix, you don’t make anything on your first level, so one party was saying how difficult that was and that it would put a lot of people off, at that point I stepped in and said that with any online business recruiting was key, so he said ‘okay I will try harder’. At that point I replied, that I would help and that he could join this site for free to get my help, guess what? he didn’t join.


I know from experience that he will fail, he will start looking for the next new shiny object and move on, he will then find some excuse as to why he can’t make that work and move on again. Believe it or not this is what the masses do, but the way to be successful is to stick with a business that is proven and has a track record and you will find two of those businesses right here on this site, plus all the help you need to make it work, but you have to work too, you will not make any money by joining something then sitting back and waiting for the money to flow. IT WON’T HAPPEN.


You will see from some of my posts that I talk about numbers, like the numbers that say only 3% ever make money online, that’s because only 3% ever put any effort in. An online business is like any other business, it is your business and you have to work at it to make it work.


Just to give you another quick story to prove my point, yesterday I sent out almost 1000 emails to various lists that I have, offering to work personally with a few serious people to build a strong team, this would mean that I post out their links, which would build their first layer, possibly second and my second or even third, and as expected I got the 3% response. I am not telling you this to be negative, far from it, I am telling you because I want you to understand that no matter who you are or what businesses you are in, nothing will work if you don’t, it’s that simple.


In summary, I am still looking for some serious people to work with me as a team, all helping each other to build a successful business together. If you are one of those serious enough to work with me, then you need to join both the programs on this site (Mo Brabus and FutureNet) then get in touch with me so we can take it forward together.

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