The Choice Is Yours

If you are a member of this site you will know that I have now changed things as a result of the surprising collapse of TPL, very sad and very annoying, however we have moved on and you will see the changes that now focus on FutureAdPro and The Perfect Solution, which I believe are both very secure businesses.


So what is this post about? Well going on from what I have said before, that one of the main reasons for failure is recruiting, or should I say, not being able to recruit, well I have another program that will help you recruit, no matter what program you are in. Yes it is a rev-share but it pays out 20% over what you put in and it does it in only 60 days, plus you get all the advertising credits to advertise your other business.


As it says in the title, the choice is yours, I am not putting another section on the site to cover this but just a simple post to let members know, I believe it is a good company, it’s called The Ads Team, yes you may have heard of it, the thing is, it works.


The idea I have for it is to put a smaller amount of money in to this and make money to put into FAP, as I said it pays out in 60 days so much quicker than FAP but as I don’t have the full facts about it’s security or longevity it is just a great platform for advertising and building funds for other things.


Once again, the choice is yours.


The ads team

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