The best and most solid business in 10 years

Over the last 10 or 12 years I have seen many businesses online, some good and some not so good, but out in front by a mile has to be E-conomize.



E-conomize has grown over the last 12 months and I personally have built a very substantial team and business, the share value has doubled since the start, and continues to increase on a weekly basis. E-conomize is a business for people who are looking for a tangible business, with tangible products.


On the whole, E-conomize is a comparison website but with a huge difference to the normal everyday comparison sites we see advertised on TV and that is, they don’t just have the major players in any of the services they provide, they have many many more and so get better deals for their customers than they would normally get.


Adding more products weekly, E-conomize is getting to be the one stop shop for all your insurance and utilities needs, with prices that are hard to match and for those who want to make this a full time income, they pay commissions down through 10 levels.


There are many thousand members now in E-conomize and still you can get to talk to the owners and founders directly, either by phone, chat or on their weekly webinars.


For me E-conomize is by far the best and easiest business to run on the internet I have seen, and as the days and weeks go by, it is obvious that they are here to stay.


You can even start with E-conomize for nothing, just open an account and start your business, then as time goes on and you start to receive commissions on your first 2 levels, upgrade and to extend this to 7 levels, after that once you have only 3 people in your front line who have up graded, you will be paid down 10 levels.


This business is all about working smarter and not harder, in fact you only need the 3 people in your front line who have upgraded to make a very lucrative income.


Over the past few weeks we have been hard at work adding new products from various suppliers, so that you can offer a bigger variety of goods and services to your customers. We now offer:-

  • Home Energy – Gas & Electricity
  • Car Insurance, Van Insurance, Travel Insurance, Pet Insurance, Home Insurance, Bike Insurance
  • EE Home Broadband and Call Packages.
  • On The Beach, a well known holiday provider.
  • Ebuyer – Computer Equipment
  • Currys PC World.
  • Sports Direct – Sports Equipment
  • Sofas – The Sofa Company
  • TicketMaster – All event tickets
  • Commercial Energy – Gas & Electricity
  • Commercial Telecoms – Lines, Broadband and Telephone Systems.

And many more products to be added in the next few weeks ……


For more details or to join E-conomize just click the link below, once you have joined you will get help from me and the team to grow your business quickly.


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