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Okay, so I wasn’t going to promote this business until they had been up and running a bit longer, but after seeing the first weeks results and having done some due diligence, here is some more info about the company for you.


I have copied some of the information from their site but from what I have seen myself it looks very good and because they have many other streams of income the rev-share part of the business seems set to last, and it is why they can pay out on the shares so quickly, (only 60 days)





Unlike many rev-share programs, The Ads Team has more than one way for you to earn, firstly there is obviously the rev-share, this pays out in only 60 days, so if you buy a $50 pack (there is a $25 and a $10 pack too) you will be paid $1 per day for 60 days (obviously nothing is guaranteed, I have to say that) .


Direct Referrals


Then there is the Direct referral program where you get 8% commission on TheAdsTeam products.

For example:

If you refer someone and they buy a $50 AdPack, you

will make 8% commission = $4.

Every time your referral Purchases or Repurchases an

AdPack or any other advertising product you will make

8% commission on every sale


Build a Team and earn up to five levels


Level one 8%

Level two 2%

Level three 1%

Level four 1%

Level five 2%


Leadership Ranks



100 Ad Packs

10 Direct Referrals



200 Ad Packs

20 Direct Referrals



500 Ad Packs

50 Direct Referrals



1000 Ad Packs

100 Direct Referrals



2000 Ad Packs

200 Direct Referrals


Leadership POOL


All Gold Members & Above will be part of a Leadership POOL*

8% Commission from All AdPacks sales going directly to the company will be put into this pool and shared with Gold Members & Above.


TheAdsTEAM Academy Plan


Company Forced Matrix


Direct Sales Bonuses


Team Sales Bonuses


Matching Bonuses


No Withdrawal Limits

Commission on all sales coming in your Team

Spill Overs from Company & your Upline

Opportunity to make up to $30k a Month




Plus: The Ads TEAM Academy and The Ads TEAM Pro



Muhammad Azam is Head of Administration of TheAdsTEAM. He has a background in IT with a Masters Degree in Computer Networking. His experience in corporate sector during his tenure at a leading bank in the UK came handy in TheAdsTEAM project. He turned to doing his own business and became an Entrepreneur in 2013 and had privilege working with the top leaders in the online and offline network marketing industry. He has helped organisations to grow from 0 to thousands of distributors, helped companies turnover Millions of $$$ in revenue and created multiple 6 figure earners. Crazy thing is that he is just getting started.


Najam Ul-Hassan is Head of Retails Affiliate Program and Digital Products of TheAdsTEAM. He’ll be looking after the marketing side of the program. He has vast experience, achieved tremendous success and is a well know personality in network marketing and internet marketing. He is on a mission to make TheAdsTEAM a billion dollar company and in the process create multiple success stories.


TheAdsTEAM is poised to create history. Our Advertising plans & Revenue Share Plans have been CALLED the SIMPLEST and MOST lucrative plans in the industry. This amazing and revolutionary system is built for the masses all across the world.Internet marketing gurus has already hailed theadsteam the holly grail of Advertising Online. GET YOUR FREE ACCOUNT now, spread the word and lets get ready to Rock. TheAdsTEAM.. REAL PEOPLE REAL ADS.


My advice, go for it, I have

The ads team