Starting Bitcoin

I like many waited too long to get in to Bitcoin and if you are not in, you need to be.



So what is Bitcoin and how do you get started?


Bitcoin is a totally new currency, called ‘Crypto Currency’ but has nothing to do with banks, however it is starting to revolutionize the way we do business, and more and more is it becoming recognized as a real currency. Bitcoin is here to stay and is growing in value every day. You can now purchase a pre-paid debit card, that you can transfer bitcoin on to and take real cash out of any ATM.


All you have to do to get started is to open an account with one of the sites where you can buy Bitcoin and where you manage your Bitcoin transactions, much like you would with a bank account, the best one in my opinion is ‘COINBASE’.

COINBASE will not however give you a prepay plastic card to withdraw your money but it does give you the chance to buy other Crypto currencies and gives you an up to date live graph of the value of the currencies.

Now you have opened your Coinbase account and hopefully bought some coin, how do you use it? Well as I said earlier you can get a pre-paid card to transfer your Bitcoins on to so you can use it like any other card, you will need to open an account with ‘’ here you can order your card, it will cost you around £15 but don’t pay for the faster delivery, I got mine in just a few days with standard delivery, also you will get a 25% discount if you use the link here. You can now transfer Bitcoin between your accounts, and load your card from


You can now join some of the programs I recommend, or any other Bitcoin program you like.


Using Bitcoin: All Bitcoin is kept in various wallets, and if you want to join a program and have to send money in Bitcoin, you will find the program or person you are sending it to will have a long code which is their ‘wallet’, it will look something like this: 1FZnJTcKidUG9TXLDx3Mk7mPNLH1BqbQRz. Each transaction is sent to one of these addresses, unique to the business or person you send it to. It really is very easy.