Sorry I have been so quiet

Yes I have been quiet for a number of weeks now but with the relaunch of Traffic Power Line I decided it was time to write something, in fact waiting for the relaunch is the main reason I have been quiet.


I can tell you I am not disappointed, in fact I am very excited about the changes and the look of the new website. One of the main changes is that you are no longer buying ‘ad packs’ you are buying ‘TPL Blocks’ that is because Pearse wants to pull away from TPL being a rev share business, and as such TPL is quite unique, yes you still buy ‘Blocks’ and you still make money from them, however you can now offer your services much like, except that you can charge anything from $4.50 up to $500 depending on what you are offering. You may think straight away, ‘well I don’t have anything I can offer’ think again, what do you do for a living, what do you do in your spare time, your hobbies, do you not think that you may know something that would be useful to someone else, of course you do, so put it together as a package or a video and place your ad, it really is that easy. This is just another income stream from the same business.


TPL really is a fantastic program and all credit to Pearse Donnelly for putting it together, this has the ability to allow anyone and everyone the chance to earn 6 figures. If you are already registered with TPL then I suggest you go to your new site and take a look around, there are many helpful videos to show you how to navigate through, get active and prosper. If you have not yet joined, then hit the link below and open your free account now.




Next we have FutureAdPro. There have been a few changes here but nothing complicated and all for the good. The one real change is that you can now buy $10 packs as well as the original $50, all I can tell you here is that if you are on a budget and want to get started then the $10 packs will get you going, they still pay out 120% but take a little longer to do it, so if you can afford the $50 packs then buy what you can, this really works and it is so easy, my income from this increases every week and I have every confidence that this program and company will be here for a long time.


Again if you already have an account with FAP then get on it, surf your 10 ads a day, this takes all of 10 minutes, buy some packs and then as the money comes in, just buy more packs until you reach the income you want, it really is that easy. As I have said before, the figures show that only 3% of people who try to make money online actually do, and that is because 97% don’t put in any effort. If you haven’t joined FAP the again click the link below to open your free account.


Join FAP


If you need help with any of this please feel free to contact me.

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