So We All Know Rev Shares Work

Yes they all work but which is best.


I think you can see from the image above one that stands out above the rest, Mo Brabus has just relaunched version 2 and is now flying. It is headed up by Pears Donnely a genuine guy who you can meet and chat to in the Skype room.

But there is so much more to MB than you first see, yes it is a rev share program but it is just in the process of launching a 2 x 16 forced matrix, giving you the chance to have yet another income stream from the same company.

I understand that there are other rev share programs, and you are maybe in one and it is probably working for you but how are you doing with the recruiting? With MB the packs are only $5 not $50 so it gives everyone a chance to get started, no matter what their budget.

Last but not least, for members joining now they will get $30 joining bonus in the form of $10 to your eWallet and $20 in advertising. You can join for free to take a look around, plus you can take advantage of being added to my free training site to help you build your business.

Click the link below and join us today.

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