So Many Ways To Make Money Now

Wow have I been busy, both online and off line and thankfully making money at both. That’s the reason I haven’t posted much just lately, but now I have to share the latest with you.


Things online change so quickly it’s hard to keep up to date with them, if you have been following me you will know the last opportunity I talked about was e-conomize and this is still one of the best opportunities I have seen in a long time, that is going from strength to strength, so much so that in a very short time I have a team below me of over 500. You will notice I said ‘I have a team below me’ and not ‘I have built a team’ that is proof that you only need a couple of good people in your team to build success. However I am not here to talk about e-conomize, but if you want more info, take a look HERE


What does seem to have taken off big style over the last few months is Crypto Currency, where you can easily make a lot of money with very little effort, but you have to be careful, and it is not easy to get your head around the systems, but once you find the right company and understand how it works, then the money will flow.


I have been looking at two companies in particular that are The Billion Coin and Gladiacoin.


The Billion Coin is a crypto currency site where you buy coins or percentages of coins and basically watch them grow at a rate of between 2% and 5% daily, try getting that at the bank, there is also a calculator that shows where your money will be up to 200 days from now, see below.




I can only fit in the calculator up to 65 days but what it shows in the yellow box is the figure left after 32 days when you take back your initial investment and then it shows your money after 65 days. I know this looks to good to be true but I know it works as I have checked my money and it grows by almost exactly by the amounts shown, you can go on and work out what your investment will be worth in a years time, you will be shocked. You can of course start taking some out each week if you want and still see it grow.

To me this is a great opportunity to anyone just starting on the internet or anyone who has trouble recruiting, more information HERE  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN AFFILIATE LINK, remember no recruiting.


Then we have Gladiacoin.






Gladiacoin is like having your own bank, but unlike TBC you have to start with a basic package that costs $50, not enough to break the bank but enough to get you started, you can then recruit others to increase your earnings or just hand on to your coins and watch them grow. More information on the real Gladiacoin click HERE


You can contact me for more info on any of the above at


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