Setting up a WordPress Blog

There are many ways of marketing online but without doubt one of the best ways is through a WordPress blog.

You can set up permanent pages with information about you and your contact details but you can also write blog posts, to tell your followers what you are doing and also to advertise something, in this instance I am talking about your business.

As you will know one of the best places to advertise these days is in Social Media but unfortunately the main one, Facebook sometimes blocks certain programs from advertising, or they put up a very annoying capture for you to complete before the post will upload, with a blog post you can get round this, simply by writing a few words and putting your link within the blog post, then you post the link to your blog post on FB, this way they don’t pick up on the program you are promoting.

Below is a full bit by bit course on how to set up a blog site.


1 Buying a Domain Name



2 Buying Hosting



3 Setting up your Hosting



4 Changing your Name Servers



5 Adding WordPress



6 Setting up WordPress Pages and Menus



7 Uploading Media to your WordPress site