Online Marketing – An Update

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So, what news? Well if you look at the chart above you will see that I am still on an upward turn with Mo Brabus, if you have been reading my posts you will know what an increase this is on the last one I shared with you, if not take a look at the older post here


Please don’t take any notice of the dates on the bottom axis, the actual date on the last entry is the date I am writing this 23rd June. Note that this is only from the rev share part of the business and is only done from re purchasing daily. So within a year of starting this, it will create a full time income.


Just to explain the ups and downs in the last third of the chart, when Mo Brabus relaunched with MB2 they smoothed out the payments to keep a steady flow, but now things have settled down again, they are paying ‘true’ rev share payments, you can also see that the curve still keeps on getting steeper, as it becomes possible to buy more and more ad packs each day.


Anyone can do this, yes it helps to speed things along if you recruit, but you don’t have too, start off by buying as many packs as you are comfortable with, then click your 10 ads per day and repurchase with your income every morning, ten minutes work max per day. That is all there is too it. Just a note, as I said in previous posts, you really need to be in at least two programs otherwise you are wasting the ad packs you buy. I am in MB and FutureAdPro, so I advertise MB on FAP and visa versa.


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