New Website Builder

New Year just around the corner and hopefully a new start for many, as things are changing for the better, so how about a new website from a new website builder.

I have seen so many ads for free websites but you know as well as I do, there is nothing in this world for free. You might be able to set up a basic site but you need to promote it, you will need to add things to it, these are the things you start to pay for, what about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), all have a cost.

Unfortunately all these add ons add up to quite a lot and you still don’t have the personal touch, then of course there are the web designers, who will make a good job of your site, and will create all the SEO and everything else you need but they will charge quite a lot for it.

I have now set up my website builder, design and hosting service, giving you both the personal touch and the site designed to suit your needs, all at a very reasonable price.

Like the site you are reading this on, I build sites on WordPress, which is the most commonly used platform, as a website builder, it gives the flexibility to include on the site whatever it is you need, and allows you to manage your site if you wish to keep costs down even further, or you can let me manage the whole thing for you.

Prices start at £100 per year or £10 per month for the initial setup and hosting, a further small charge will be added in accordance with how much and how often you want me to edit the site, compared to other website designers and hosting these prices are very reasonable, and your site will do exactly what you want it too.

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