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As we now have quite a few members joined me in Monster Marketeer, I thought I should write a blog post to up date you with things that are happening and how you should be moving your business along.


moving forward


Please remember these are only my ideas, but they will work, however you can do your own thing or add more to what I suggest.


We now have Mo Brabus 2 launched successfully after some minor set backs that took a little longer than planned to sort out, but we now have a fantastic platform and business model, but there is still so much more to come, including a ‘Forced Matrix’ whoops did I say that.


In the team here now we have members in all levels, Free, Basic and Pro and I can see the different levels of activity in each, it seems strange but understandable that the Free members have less activity and the Pro members have the most. Now there could be two reasons for this, the first is that the Free members are the laziest but I know that is not true, because everyone want to be successful, the second, which I know IS the reason, is that as members get to Basic and then Pro they can see how there business is moving and that their packs are completing quicker, also it gives members confidence as they see new members joining below them and they start to see commissions.


So well done to you Pro guy’s but what can we do to help the Free and Basic members get to their goals?


The first thing is that if you are a Free member, UPGRADE, it’s only $5 per month but it means you can buy packs and start a new level of income. If you have, then you need to get to 10 packs as soon as possible, as this will make you an ‘Active’ member in MB and your packs can mature quicker.


I hope that you have followed the training in the appropriate sections of the site here, if you have and you keep up the persistence you will grow your business, you can however go on from Facebook and open an account with LinkedIn and Twitter, where you can also post your adds. In LinkedIn you can join groups much the same as Facebook, but you will find there are more professional people.


One more thing is that as from this Sunday, Kevin Wilkes will be hosting a webinar at 7pm GMT and this Sunday (20 March 16) we have guest speaker Pears Donnely, the owner of Mo Brabus, so follow the link below to register as places are limited.


If you are reading this post but are not a member of Monster Marketeer, just click the tab at the top ‘Join Us’


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