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In yesterdays post I wrote briefly about The Ads Team, a new rev-share program that I literally only joined yesterday, but I thought I would write more about it, as after looking in to it a bit more I found it to be a good choice, in fact in some reports it comes out as the number one rev-share company, followed closely by FutureAdPro, not too sure I would agree with that as TAT have only been around since October last year, but they do have some good points.



So as you can see from the chart above, no major figures to show, however like I said this is less than 24 hours in, so you can see how it pays out on just one $50 pack and look at the advertising credits, you can use these to place ads for your other programs. Just as a note, I wish people would understand that there is no point in advertising a program on the site of that program, as most people who see it are already in the business.


If you are on a budget and want to start small you can, as ad packs start at just $10 but remember the more you put in the quicker you will realize a great income and apart from the 120% payout in 60 days you can also build a team if you wish, and by doing so you can earn up to 13% commission.


What else has TAT to offer? You maybe asking how can yet another rev-share company be sustainable, well the truth is, they are so much more than just rev-share and like FutureAdPro have more strings to their bow including online shopping, which includes many famous stores and brands, this is why I am writing more about this company, because they are well organized and built to be sustainable. Below I have included a link to a PDF that will give you so much more information and blow that a joining link.




The ads team

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