Marketing Strategies

Now that I have shown you a few ways to market your program and hopefully start to build your team, I now want to go into a bit more depth on how you can maximise your marketing.




As I think we are all aware, Facebook is the most popular place for advertising, but so many people get carried away and want to post to as many groups as possible in a short space of time. Don’t be tempted. Firstly you will end up in Facebook jail (for those that don’t know, it means they will block you from posting for a given length of time) and second you won’t gain any more from it.


The thing is that people who are generally in all these business groups are just the same as you, they are looking to advertise their nice new business opp, and as soon as someone posts to that group after you, your ad is gone off the page.


So what is the best strategy for posting ads on Facebook? Well as I said earlier in the training, join as many groups as you can, then pick the ones that don’t have a ‘pinned’ post, this is so your ad is at the top of the page when you first post it, and not hidden off the page under someone’s pinned post, then ad these groups to your favourites so they will be displayed at the left hand side of your home page. Layout your ad, then copy and paste it to all the groups, do this about three times a day.


The chances are that if you post your ad to say, twenty groups, it will be seen by the same people as if you posted it to a hundred groups, because the same people are in all these groups. So in this business quality is definitely better than quantity.


The other thing you can do with your ad is to ‘Boost’ it. You can do this by creating a ‘Page’ for your business op and then adding posts to it, and as you create ads, post those in to your page too, then at the bottom of each post you will see a blue button that says ‘Boost’. Now this will cost you but only a very small amount and you can geo target who sees it. I have found this to be one of the best ways of paid marketing. Just try it for a week and set your budget to say $20 total.


So all the above has been to do with Facebook, but at the same time as you are doing this you can also post to Twitter, you can do this by shortening your ad, or you can just write a short ‘Tweet’ and ad a link to your website or ‘Page’, you can also post the same ad to LinkedIn, and many other Social Media platforms.


If you follow this plan you will recruit and build your business, remember ‘Do nothing and nothing will happen’.