Making the most of FutureNet

The main purpose of this Monster Marketeer site is to help people with Internet Marketing and when I started it my main focus was on taking people through the steps from joining Mo Brabus, and that is still the same but we now have the added bonus of the new FutureNet program and so I wanted to write this to give a little help to those of you that have joined.




I know there are a few of you that have joined as free members and if you just want to use FN as a Social platform then that’s ok, you will of course make a few cents each time just for logging on but I want to explain why everyone should upgrade to a paid level.


The first thing you must understand is that all the 6 levels are one off payments, that literally means you only pay it once, NOT MONTHLY as some people think, but what are the benefits, and why should you get in now?


Although FutureNet has been around for a few years, it has only now become really prominent in the UK and across Europe and because of that it is under going a mass recruitment, this is the main reason you need to upgrade, why? because everyone only needs three people in their first line, so if someone above you recruits four, one of them is passed down, this happens on every level and we now have some members with quite a few in their downlines but have only recruited one or two themselves.


To upgrade and get yourself in the Matrix just go to your newsfeed page in FN and on the left hand side you will see ‘Business’ click that and then click the $10 sign the rest is simple. If you want to go in at a higher level that’s cool but you still have to join each level in turn and remember each level is just a one off payment.


PLEASE NOTE Do not upgrade and sit there waiting for your downline to fill just on the efforts of others, do your bit to help and put out some posts to recruit yourself, if you are not sure how to do this, then go to the FREE members area, where you will find help on how to do this.


There are literally thousands joining FN weekly and the sooner you get in and upgrade the better chance you have of filling your matrix quickly, this is a fantastic opportunity and one you should not miss.


If you are not in FutureNet but would like to join, just click on the tab above ‘FutureNet Club’ where you will find a link.

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