Let’s Promote

Now that you have had a good look around the site you should have joined one of the recommended programs, if not now would be a good time to do that, if you have then we now need to look at ways to help you get the most from it.


No matter if it is FutureAdPro, one of the Crypto Currency programs or any other rev share program, you will start making money as soon as you put some money in. With rev share you will have to ‘surf’ 10 adds per day to qualify but that is all you have to do, with a managed fund of Crypto Currency you just need a little patience and watch your investment grow.


How can we make more money? The easy answer to that is, invest more, this can be more money but how about investing a little time. Most programs have an affiliate program attached, so you can recommend other to join you and make a commission on whatever they invest, you will find promotional links within each site that you can post out to build a network.


This is usually where most people fall down and give up after a few attempts, trying to invite friends and family, my advice is leave friends and family alone, at least until you have some proof to show them.


The place to start is in Social Media and of course the main one is Facebook. Please do not post ads on your timeline, this could get your personal profile taken down, it is not allowed on Facebook to post ads on your timeline.


You need to join some groups, so do a search for business groups and join as many as you can, be careful not to join groups that are focused on one particular business, as they will probably ban you if you start posting ads for something different. You will have to click on the ‘Join Group’ button and wait for someone to ad you but it usually does not take long. There are thousands of groups to choose from.


Now we can start to advertise and the more you do it the better response you will get, don’t expect to post 10 ads and get loads of people to join you, it really does not work like that, you may be lucky and get one, persistence is key.


Unfortunately with Facebook they pick up on a few businesses, although they are perfectly legitimate, and they put a security check up for you to click, like ‘Click all the pictures with a Tiger’ or similar, it is very annoying but it is the nature of the beast.




Once you have been accepted in to the groups you should ad them to your favorites, this way they will appear down the left hand side of your ‘home’ page so you can click them easier. To ad to your favorites, look to the top right and you will see ‘Notifications’ just to the right of this you will see 3 dots, click on them and you will get a drop down where you will ‘Add to Favorites’. In the image below you will see it says ‘Remove from Favorites’ that is obviously because I already added it.


2016-03-10_2009 2016-03-10_2010 2016-03-10_2012


Below you can find some ads that you can use, please feel free to copy them as they are, or you can change them as you wish, experiment and see what works best.




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