It’s Holiday Time and Time To Reflect

I am now on holiday in Ukraine and this is the view from our apartment, yes it’s cold, minus 4 today but we are relaxing and still I have income from my online businesses, do you?

Let’s just have a quick look back over the last 12 months and there are three main things that stick out to me. The first and the big surprise to everyone was the collapse of Traffic Monsoon, not going in to details but just to say as I have done previously that I strongly believe the owner’s did not do anything wrong or underhanded to cause the collapse of this program that was making quite a lot of people a significant amount of income.

The next surprise was the closure of Mo Brabus, a program founded by Pearse Donnelly and one that we all saw as working well, but Pearse decided to close it down in his belief that rev share is not sustainable, and really he is right, but only if it is run as a separate entity and has nothing to support it from an external source, so he has spent many months putting together a program that is 100% compliant and sustainable, called Traffic Power Line, this incorporates buying packages but also a side to it similar to fiverr. Com where people can advertise services for as little as $4.50 up to $500, meaning you can earn from the packs but also from selling anything that will help others. Brilliant program.

The last thing to come out of 2016 was the rise of Future Ad Pro and Future Net. FAP is a rev share program but you also have FN which is a social media platform, where you can also earn just from using it. This is another sustainable program from a legitimate Polih company that are here to stay, they go from strength to strength every week, launching new products and services.

As these have worked out so well for me, they are the 2 programs that will be getting 90% of my time, the other 10% will be looking for other opportunities of the same calibra.

If you want to make 2017 similar to my 2016 then join these two programs, also if you join both your recruiting problems are taken care of, because you can advertise one program on the other.

If you want to join you find a link to both on the previous post, I can’t ad them here because I am just typing this on my tablet, I am sure there is a way and will find it next time. Enjoy the holidays folks.

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