Is Rev Share Dead

Of Course Not


Yes one of the biggest rev share companies has gone, thanks to the SEC stepping in and finding some things that were not quite right, half the fault of the company and half the fault of some unscrupulous members who were taking the company for a ride. Although it is made clear in all rev share companies, that in no way is any return guaranteed and that it is not to be considered an investment, some people have been putting vast amounts of money in and stacking memberships in order to basically defraud money from the company. This does not mean that all rev share is finished, far from it.




So without mentioning the name of the company as I am sure everyone is aware of who it is, and despite the warning signals flashing red when PayPal kicked them in to touch, still people were putting money in and singing it’s praises. To this day I do not know why they did so well, when they were only paying 10% on their shares anyway, but full marks to them for marketing, and before you ask, yes I did have money in there too but thankfully not much. I must also say that I truly believe there was no intention from the owners to do anything wrong and I think that the SEC could have worked with them to correct the things that were not right.


Where do we go from here. Well you can pull out of internet marketing all together and sit in a corner licking your wounds, or you can look to other companies, who are following legislation to the letter and doing everything they should to protect both the members and the company it’s self. There are two companies who are doing just that, and if you are a member of this site, you will know who I am talking about, Mo Brabus and FutureAdPro, both are here to stay for a long time and both pay so much more.


So NO! rev share is not dead and as I said far from it. I am not going to write all the information about both companies here as you can follow the links to find out more but just to say that neither of them are American companies so the SEC has no jurisdiction over them, not they are doing anything wrong anyway. FutureAdPro is a Polish company with a social media platform and a rev share that pays out every 15 minutes and works. Mo Brabus have gone from strength to strength since the launch of MB2 earlier this year and now they are about to change thing for the better yet again by launching ‘Traffic Power Line’, which is still a rev share but completely different to anything any of us have seen before.


There are two links below, the first is for FutureAdPro, however the second is for MB’s new program ‘Traffic Power Line’ and for pre registration before it launches in 3 weeks time. My advice is join both and use each programs ad credits to advertise the other program. If you are not a member of this group, then please join, it is free and you will get access to all the training and updates.



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