How to build an income from nothing

Well almost nothing.


I have posted here my rev share history from Mo Brabus and have purposely not withdrawn so I can show you how it works, and how to build a significant income from very little outlay. After showing my wife these figures I finally got her to join 🙂


You can see the dates and you can see by how much my rev share is increasing each day, the unfortunate thing is that I can only show you from Feb 18th as this is when Mo Brabus 2 was launched but my advice would be to start with at least 10 packs, that is only $50, if you want to grow your business quicker then start with more, it’s up to you. The same patern will happen with FutureAdPro but there are a couple of slight differences, the first obviously is that the packs in FAP cost $50 each, the other is that with MB as soon as you buy a pack you get 40% paid straight back to you if you are a paid member, so say you have $50 and you buy 10 packs, you will get back in to your ewallet $20 so you can immediately buy another 4 packs, then you will get back $8 so you can buy yet another one. That means that if you put in $50 you can actually  buy 15 packs and not just 10.







You can see from the figures above the dates from 18th Feb until today as I write this 20th May and you can see in the right hand column the rev share paid and the daily increase, this is done by buying more packs each day from the rev share payments and not making any withdrawals, however the interesting thing and the point I want to get across to you, is that each day the difference in the rev share amount paid, compared to the previous day is slightly higher, and the difference increases as time goes on. This can be seen clearer in the chart below, you can clearly see the upward curve getting steeper as the days go on, so very soon my rev shares will be increasing by a very significant amount, and that is the time I will start to withdraw, as well as repurchasing more shares to keep the numbers up.




Anyone can do this, and all you have to do is surf 10 ads a day that takes you 5 minutes. My packs are now increasing by $4 to $5 per week and that figure can only increase, do the maths and see where it will take you in say one year, it has to be worth it.


If you are not in Mo Brabus you can join here:  JOIN MO BRABUS HERE

Obviously you can do exactly the same with FutureAdPro but the packs are $50 each so you would need to start with more input.



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