Get Off Your Arse…….

You know some days you get that feeling you are totally wasting your time, I am sure most of you reading this will have felt the same way at some time in the past. Today is my day but you know what? It never lasts for long, because at the end of the day my efforts help me and help the 3% out there who also want to help themselves.




Yep, that’s it, only 3% and that is why only 3% ever make any money online, so are you one of the 3% or the 97%? Lets see what I mean by this. We all know that the statistics I just gave are true because they are all over the internet, but I have the proof with my own analytics, from the number of people who join my programs or the number who opt in to one of my pages as opposed to the number who view it. However it doesn’t stop there and we can’t lay all the blame on the people themselves.


The Internet is a great place to make money while sitting at home and spending a few hours on the computer, but over the years it has become the most common place for so many scams, that people see something and if it looks the slightest bit too good to be true, they run away, totally understandable, but such a shame it has come to this. I must admit I am always skeptical of new programs because I have been burned in the past also. That is one reason I put this site together where you are reading this post.


Monster Marketeer was put together (and is still in early days) to help anyone and everyone on the Internet, at the moment it is mainly focused on one particular program but the methods are the same for any business. It is free to join to get the first info, with no strings. It will show you how to market and recruit and will show you genuine real programs where you and anyone else can make money, if you put in the effort, remember the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.


I now have the programs that are real and will help anyone who is prepared to get off their arse and help themselves, so if you are one of the 3% then click on the ‘Join Us’ tab at the top and start to be successful today.


One last thing, imagine if you had been in at the start of facebbook and they paid you for every member who joined after you WOW!

Well there is a new program that is very similar to FB and is going to give FB something to worry about, it’s free to join but there are other levels you can reach if you want, none of the BS algorithms of Facebook and none of the other crap like FB Jail, click the link below to have a look:


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