More often than not we look for worldwide opportunities, basically because we then know we have a wider market and you can promote it anywhere and everywhere but a new company has launched recently, who are based in Leeds here in the UK and their market:- every single household in the UK.


If you know me you will know that I always get involved with any business and have a good look around before I post anything about it on here, so as to try and protect my members, most of the time this works and with this particular business, to coin one of my pet hate sayings ‘it ticks all the boxes’.


Unless you have been in hibernation for the last decade you will have heard of the likes of u-Switch, Compare The Market, Money Supermarket etc etc, and of course Utility Warehouse, well now there is a new company that has the potential to knock spots off all of them, called e-conomize, they have masses of companies to do the usual comparisons but they are also now partnered with over 160 major UK companies, offering great savings on many other products, just take a look below at just some of them.

As I said this company is based in Leeds and my progress so far with them far exceeds progress in any other company I have been involved with. I will be totally honest with you that in less than 2 years I have built a team of over 6000 with more joining every day.


You may have guessed that they are a utility company, but they have so many advantages over the competition, the first of which is the compensation plan. Probably the best opportunity in the U.K. UPDATE 4th December 2017 as of this date e-conomize now have over 160 other major companies from the UK in partnership, including Currys PC World, Booking.com, BT, On The Beach Holidays, Pontins and many many more.


Of course out of the ones I mentioned, there is only Utility Warehouse that actually can be called an opportunity and that pays commissions, but with e-conomize there are no targets to beat, there are better commissions and they are paid down seven levels if you upgrade, and down to 10 levels with promotions.


E-conomize is completely free to join and on the free membership pays down two levels, no brainer, you can make money before you upgrade, the upgrade costs £200 but this is a one off payment.


The company hold webinars and training sessions every week and you can talk directly to the Directors, you can even visit their office in Leeds.


Your target market with this opportunity is every single home in the UK and every single business. There is also so much more coming, with water being deregulated in April every one will be looking for a cheaper deal.


My advice on this one, if you live in the UK get in now and if you can upgrade to take advantage of the free shares.


Join the e-conomize team here

Or just do your own comparison here