E-conomize moves up several gears

It just gets better and better.


Less than a year since I joined this program and I can’t believe how far this has come in that short period of time, apart from the share value quadrupling in that time the number of products added has made it much more than a comparison web site.


Of course there is the usual energy and utilities with fantastic savings on offer, but you can now get savings on phones, insurance, holidays and even shopping in certain stores with great offers.



The team here in Leeds UK are just brilliant, they are on hand to help with anything you need, with a great support desk and available in chat groups like WhatsApp. The site is being improved every day with new things being added, the last only today was the ability to see statistics of visits to your site.


Just on the energy savings, the average for domestic is £270, while with businesses my last saving for one was £1800 per year, can businesses really afford not to do a comparison.


Click on the image above to take you directly to the site and have a look around, this is definitely one to add to your favorites.


You can just be a customer or you can look at the business opportunity.

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