Can You Really Make Money Online?

I have over the years posted many blogs about making money online and yes a lot of them have been with links to various programs that I am involved with, but in this blog I just wanted to go over other possible ways you can make money online.


Befor we start any of this and looking at the various options, there are a few things we need to get out of the way.


  1. Take it seriously. No matter what you do online, remember it is a business, your business so treat it as if you were setting up shop on the high street, plus if you don’t take it seriously your customers and prospects will not take you seriously either.
  2. If you are writing text or adverts, again be professional, don’t use all caps and make sure your grammar is correct, one silly spelling mistake is enough to put some people off.
  3. Don’t write adverts as long as a book, just give some facts, enough to get their interest and ad pictures, there is nothing worse that a splurge of writing that goes on and on.
  4. Check your work, after saying all that above, always make sure you check your work for errors. Check and double check.


The Basics


There are many programs that will make you a few extra dollars, but will not make you a millionaire, for instance surveys, testers, shopping etc. I am not involved with any but if you are low on budget they can make you a little cash. Such sites as Swagbucks  or Inboxdollars


If you have any skills or services that other people may need, then why not post a ‘Gig’ on, this doesn’t mean that you can only sell it for $5 as a lot of people think because you can sell something for multiple gigs.


So we have all tried the usual Rev-Share and yes they work, unfortunately some are very short lived as they don’t have anything to support them other than the funds coming in from new people buying the packs, so be careful who you go with.


If you are any good at writing, why not have a go at Freelance Writing, there is a huge market for this and many sites where you can sell your wares, probably the best known would be Textbroker, however there are many more, all you need to do to find them is use Google.


Selling Stuff


We have all heard of ebay but there are so many more ways to sell your stuff, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook to name but a few. No matter if you are just having a clear out or you have a product you make or buy wholesale you can always find a market on one of these sites. I mentioned having a clear out because this could raise you enough money to put in to a good online business, even just to buy you an ad pack in a rev-share.




Well yes of course, this is a blog you are reading and if you look to the side you will see some banner ads, these are the programs I work in, but you can advertise anything on a blog site, even become an affiliate of Amazon and have a pre-populated advert in there. You can even go to places like Flexoffers and find other peoples stuff to advertise and take a commission. Even create your own products or even videos to sell from your site.


Making Money From Apps


If you don’t want to be stuck at your computer, then there are many apps around where you can make make money, just as an example FOAP this is an app that pays you for your photos, depending on quality obviously, but again do a search for money making apps.


There are many other ways to make money and yet so many people think there are only the opportunities you see advertised on Facebook, of which so many are hoaxes or just bad companies that go bust very quickly. Don’t take my word for it, have a look around, use Google, that’s what it’s there for and find something that suites you.


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