Maybe you have heard of this site or maybe not, it really doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you understand what this site is about.




If you know this site you will know that some guy called Oz writes reports on various online businesses, but it seems to me that he does not do his homework. So this post is really a warning to you, not to believe all you read on this site.


Every business he writes about appear to be called ‘Ponzi’ schemes and he writes about pretty much all of them. Just to pick out a couple, Traffic Monsoon, yes it has gone, but it was never a Ponzi, Charles Scoville never had any intention of ripping anyone off, he was caught out by unscrupulous people using TM as an investment and putting in huge amounts of money, this is what the SEC picked up on, had Charles restricted the daily amount of packs you could purchase TM would still be alive and well. FutureNet, yet another article describing FN as, yes you guessed it, a Ponzi scheme, it is not a Ponzi scheme and the article refers to the actions of one particular affiliate making promises, however the company makes no promises but they are getting slated for not making a refund. If you join any online business, due diligence is required and do not take the word of an affiliate, find out yourself. Another one Mo Brabus and their latest new program that has not yet launched, both described as Ponzi schemes.


future ad ads


All the above programs are rev share companies, none are Ponzies, they are all run by very well respected business people, the ones that are still going do not come under the SEC but all have made some changes so they can not be described as ‘investments’. What behindmlm are assuming is that affiliates are only paid from money coming in from other affiliates and therefore they are unsustainable, that to me is pretty obvious, but these companies have more that just the affiliate money coming in from their ad packs, they have other companies, including some very large companies, who pay to advertise with them, and they pay a lot of money, take a look at the image above, this is what you are presented with when you login to FutureAdPro, looks like major players to me, and they pay a lot of money because all the thousands of affiliates have to look at this ad for 20 seconds every time they go to their home page.


behindmlm does get it right sometimes, anyone could as so many businesses online do fail and yes, a lot of people have lost a lot of money on Traffic Monsoon, but not for the reasons stated in behindmlm. Mo Brabus, Traffic Power Line and FutureAdPro (FutureNet) are all fully compliant and will be around for a long time.


Lastly, who is ‘Oz’ it is believed that there are two people responsible for the articles in, Klaus Bardenhargen and Michael Turton but there are no names available on the site, maybe frightened of being sued, but you would think that if anyone was so sure of their facts they would be proud of their work. This site as far as I am concerned is nothing more than a traffic site designed to get traffic to their numerous ads on the site.

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