A Prosperous New Year To All…….

Where did 2016 go, I can’t even believe it got to 2016, seems such a short time ago we were celebrating the turn of the century and now it’s 16 years later, and how things have changed.




Thankfully for me things have got better over the last 12 months, unfortunately for many it has not. So much trouble and suffering in the world today, that really should not be happening in our so called civilized society, but what about the future and what 2017 has install for us.


Well for me it’s more of the same as things are working out quite nicely with work, Traffic Power Line and Future Ad Pro, the last two being my retirement plan.


Over the last few years there has been so many scams and bad business models, which unfortunately has put a lot of people off online marketing, but in the last 12 months things have changed if you are careful as there are still scams out there, but there are some very good and legitimate businesses, the two I have mentioned being two of them.


Traffic Power Line has just re-launched and is completely unique to anything else on the internet today, having started life as Mo Brabus Pearse Donnelly the founder soon found that there would be problems if run as just a rev share company and so closed MB and changed it to TPL. There is so much to this program so I am not going to try and explain it here, just so far as to say you still buy packs and if you want you can watch adds to give you a bonus, there is also a section for you to post jobs that you can do, much like fiverr.com except that gigs are priced from $4.50 to $500, so yet another way of creating an income.


Future Ad Pro, again many changes and another one that knows rev share alone is not sustainable and so they also have a social media platform, much like Facebook except that you get paid for using it.


Both of these programs have now started to make an income for me, and the beauty of them is, that you can advertise one on the other, so recruiting really takes care of itself. If you haven’t yet joined then you can find a link to both below and I look forward to working with you.


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