The 5 x 500 Formula

I could have just written a short post on Facebook and put a ‘Tweet’ out on Twitter but I thought I would write a blog post because I only want serious people, and they will be the people who take the time to read and understand what this is about.




I am guessing that if you are reading this now then you will have taken a look at the table above, which explains the program well. However, you can join Mo Brabus for nothing and start recruiting, where you will make commissions that you can buy packs with and so build a business, but if you want to do that then fine just join and do it, but you are not the person I am looking for here.


If you want to build a substantial business and by that I mean, earning in excess of $100k and you are prepared to work closely with me, and put in the effort, then I want to talk to you.


I need you to look at the plan above again and see if you think you can invest the $500 required within the first month, so I don’t expect you to put it all in at once, if you can even better, but I know most people need a little time.


What will happen when I have my serious, and committed 5 is that I will pass anymore down the line so we all help each other, but after saying that I don’t want anyone who is just going to sit there and wait for the passups because you won’t get them, I want pro active people who want to work with a team and build a substantial business, and help others do the same.


If this sounds like you then please hit the link below to open your account and then email me at so I know you came from here and are serious about joining the successful team.




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