Your own Website

By now you should be moving along quite nicely and looking to start your own website.


Construction site crane building a blue 3D text. Part of a series.


To get you started I suggest that you take the ‘Host then Profit’ package from GVO, this will give you a website and an auto-responder plus much more, for you to use in your business.


See the GVO Host then Profit package here.


GVO will give you full video instructions on how to set up your site but if you have any problems just ask.


So, why do you need your own website?


There are many advantages of having your own website. If you have read everything in the previous memberships, you will remember I talked about how Facebook sometimes picks up on certain businesses and asks you to complete a security check, remember, clicking all the pictures with a Tiger, well with your own website you can get over this problem. You simply write a blog post or have a page set up as an advert and you paste the URL of that page in Facebook, your links to your business will be within that page and Facebook will not see them. Sneaky huh? There is now a video on the tab above showing you about clickable links.


But that is not the only reason for having your own site, you can make regular posts to your blog to keep your followers informed of your successes, or just to broadcast some news. You can write an ‘About Me’ page so people can find out more about you, and you could post some training about your business, don’t fall down in fright, it is not that bad, the thing is that if you are in a program right now and I hope you are in FutureNet/AdPro and possibly a managed fund Bitcoin program then you know a lot more about it by now than someone who has never heard of it. Doing this will build trust between you and your recruit, and they can see you are a real and genuine person.


On your blog posts you can build up a story of your successes, show the proof that what you are doing works, there is no better way of building trust with people than to show the proof.