The Easy Way To Do It

After a week away on holiday I thought I should make a video to show how easy it is to make money online these days, if you really want to.


it's easy


If you are a member of this site you will probably have followed my posts and looked at most of the site, I also hope that you are one of the members who have taken this forward and are making a success of it.


Whatever stage you are at, take a look at the short video below, where I show how easy it is to buy ad packs, and the benefits of Mo Brabus above the other rev share companies.





    1. It will vary depending on the income of the company but at the present rate it would be somewhere around $5000 per week but some of this has to be used to top up your packs as they expire.

        1. I see, 14,000 seems like it will take a long time to reach. If i set a goal of wanting 5k per month would 3500 packs get me there based on current stats?

          1. All most, current stats show me you would get approx $4200 per month. You can add to your packs any time. Rough guide is 1000 packs will give you $50 per day, and don’t forget this is 7 days a week, which is $350 per week and $1400 per month, so for 3500 packs approx $4200, but you need to put some back to replenish and to keep building your packs.

          2. In order to keep getting paid do i have to keep replenishing and buying more packs? Or can i simply stop and continue getting paid.

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