If you are looking for a business with a tangible product for the UK market, then E-Conomize could be just the thing.


Based in Leeds E-Conomize launched in 2016 and in some ways are still in pre launch. They have a vast portfolio of products and seem to have their heads screwed on when it comes to marketing and having products that will attract masses of customers.


The energy market is one of the biggest markets anywhere in the world today and if you have the right business linked to it you can make a fortune, E-Conomize seem to have it all, with Gas, Electric, Insurance and many more along with, in April water, after it deregulates, and believe me everyone will switch to a new provider at some point.


The commission structure has two options, the first is for a free affiliate and goes two levels deep, and the second is as a paid partner, that cost £200 per year but goes 7 levels deep.


This in my opinion, although very new is one worth joining even as a free member to at very least switch your own energy and get paid for doing it.


Find more information about the products and the opportunity HERE