Crypto Investments

There are now many many investment and managed fund companies around for investing in Crypto currency and I say Crypto as opposed to Bitcoin because there are many different crypto currencies now, and some of the managed funds have a portfolio of many of them.



The image above is from Satoshi Pie and gives you an idea of the spectrum of currencies these managed funds use and with their expertise they buy and sell using your money, in to the currencies as they speculate on the values going up and down.


Of course there are no guarantees with managed funds and some come with higher risk than others, however so far everyone I am in has paid the percentage quoted. The following are my recommendations for investing in managed funds.


Satoshi Pie. Update, unfortunately SP are not taking new investors.

As you can see from the diagram above this gets its name from the pie chart it uses to show their investments and from the name of the anonymous person or persons Satoshi Nakimoto who founded Bitcoin.

This program updates once a week and gives you the opportunity to withdraw your funds anytime you like, there is no minimum investment so this will appeal to anyone with a limited budget. There is no affiliate program with this company.


Cryp Trade Capital

Another excellent Managed Fund but this one has a minimum investment of $50 and has three different investments, offering three levels of interest, the first paying 17.7% per month and the top one paying a massive 29.7% per month, all of the investments payout for 12 months, so you can see some fantastic earnings can be made.


As I said before these are tried and tested by me so do you not think it worth investing $50 just to suck it and see.