Crypto Investments

There are now many many investment and managed fund companies around for investing in Crypto currency and I say Crypto as opposed to Bitcoin because there are many different crypto currencies now, and some of the managed funds have a portfolio of many of them.


Atlantic Global Asset Management

The above image is from Atlantic Global Asset Management this company has been around a while and offers many packages, starting at only €90. Simple to understand the figures so I don’t need to explain it all to you, only that there is one other package that is not shown, this is also for €90 but it is locked for 365 days, however it pays a return of €380, a growth of 312%. This is as certain a way as you can get to secure your future.



USI Tech

The above image this time is from USI Tech twelve months in and they are going strong, personally I have only just joined but that is because everyone is talking about it and more importantly everyone is making money from it, so click below to find out more for yourselves.