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Over the past year it has become clear that nothing in this world, or indeed the world of internet marketing is certain and there are times when we all have to make changes.



Well the past 12 months have seen some changes, some for the good some for the not so good, with some businesses closing and others opening. On the plus side we have proven what I said many months ago and that is ‘Not to put all your eggs in one basket’.


So more changes. If you have been following me and my recommendations, you should have had some success as only one of the programs I recommended went pear shaped, and that was Traffic Powerline, I still don’t know exactly what went wrong with it but it did so forget it and move on.


Now last time I updated the site, I said I was concentrating on two main businesses, they were FutureAdPro and The Perfect Solution but I also suggested that you buy into Bitcoin but I didn’t expand on that. So the changes now are that as far as TPS is concerned, I am out, I am not saying there is anything wrong with it, because there isn’t, it’s just that it is not for me, if you are in it then I wish you every success. Now having looked at Bitcoin more closely, I am focusing on businesses that are based around it, but the main business is still FutureAdPro because they are a very sound company and are about to launch a Bitcoin side the their business.


Take a look at the other new pages within the site to find what I believe are some of the best business around today, all of them I have tried and tested, and they all make money, some make it faster than others, but that usually means there is more risk.