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Over the past year it has become clear that nothing in this world, or indeed the world of internet marketing is certain and there are times when we all have to make changes.


Well the past 12 months have seen some changes, some for the good some for the not so good, with some businesses closing and others opening. On the plus side we have proven what I said many months ago and that is ‘Not to put all your eggs in one basket’.


I am now focusing on two main businesses again, which are FutureAdPro (FAP) and now The Perfect Solution (TPS). Most of this site will now be dedicated to these two main businesses but I will make only this one mention about something else, and that is Bitcoin, no matter what company as long as they have been going a while and seem secure, buy some Bitcoin, then forget about it. That’s it I am not saying anymore on it. I will also give some advice on other programs that I may dabble in from time to time, as there are some worth putting some money in to, in order to make a little more.


So go through the site and have a look at the two programs I have already mentioned, I will be adding links to help you and more training on each one as time goes on.